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We here on the farm staff at Community CROPS are getting back into the blog world and figured we’d start out with a small round of introductions: who we are, where we come from and what we like to do. After all, we’re growing your food…so let’s get to know each other! I’ll start.

this is me harvesting sweet corn in Iowa

this is me harvesting sweet corn in Iowa

My name’s Aaron French and I’m the farm production and CSA coordinator (titles, titles, titles…) here at CROPS. It’s quite a mouthful, but basically it means I help things run smoothly at our Prairie Pines Incubator Farm (more on what an incubator farm is in a future post). Along with my fellow farm employees I grow produce on roughly one acre and I’ll be focusing heavily on greens, sweet potato and winter squash this season. I also help our training farmers (you’ll meet them soon) with technical assistance, hands on help, tractor work and griping about the weather…which sometimes seems like our favorite past time.

I was born and raised in central Omaha and moved out to Maryland for college. While in school I started working at Even’Star Organic Farm, where I learned the in’s and out’s of sustainable, diversified vegetable production. We grew year round (thanks moderate mid-Atlantic climate) and I’m really excited to bump up our winter production here in Lincoln. I’ve worked on a few other farms of various sizes and styles and have also done youth garden and culinary education and community garden development work, all of which have led me to this wonderful position with Community CROPS.

In my spare time I really like playing with cats (need a cat sitter?), riding bikes, cooking fancy meals…or not so fancy meals and growing hot peppers to make hot sauces. Really hot sauces. Feel free to ask me for a sample sometime!

That’s it for me today, but check back soon for more farm updates, staff and farmer bios and tons of beautiful photos of our great farm!

Here’s to spring!

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  1. Warren on said:

    Way to go reviving the blog! 🙂

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